Since the folks at raspbian.org seem to be unwilling to list my mirror, with no responses to any of my emails over the past 30+ days, this project is being torn down, and the resources being used for other things.

Hey everyone!

Soon we will have a mirror up of Raspbian Linux, for the Raspberry Pi!  The infrastructure has been created, and the intial sync of the mirror is progressing now.

Once the sync has completed, I will submit for listing on the Official Mirror List, and post an update here.

This mirror will be hosted on a 100Mbit connection out of a Lansing, MI datacenter.  Currently it will only be available on IPv4, with IPv6 connectivity soon to come.  The mirror will be accessible via HTTP and RSync.


Along with this mirror will come some tutorials, projects, and tips for the Raspberry Pi Model B, and Raspberry Pi 2 Model B.


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